Southeast Poultry started in 2009 with a few automated dark meat deboning machines and a small staff. Soon after, product demand increased and staffing grew along with an expansion of machines and processing front half white meat. Our facility is now 45,000 square feet and employs over 400 people.


Southeast Poultry sources all of it’s poultry products regionally. High quality poultry is raised right here in the area and we intend to support that great industry with the help of our vendors. After processing, our product is shipped coast to coast with the United States and even exported internationally. Southeast Poultry is a BRC certified poultry plant.


Recently, we have expanded our work shifts into a morning and night shift. Production has steadily grown from the very first day we opened our doors. We look forward to continued growth!


USDA Plant #P-02676

Our Mission Statement

Our goal of being a leader in the poultry industry in nourishing people and potential, we must behave in ways that support and leverage the many differences among employees, suppliers and customers. Issues of difference are everywhere. At Southeast Poultry we consider these differences as vital assets that will insure ongoing success, Loyalty, innovation and customer focus.


Southeast Poultry has vowed to be loyal to its team members as well as its customers by providing a safe and clean work environment and a high quality product at the lowest possible price.


Southeast Poultry is always looking for new and safer ways to produce and package quality chicken products for our customers and employees.

Customer Service

Southeast Poultry is a customer driven company, we are positioned to meet your needs with high-quality poultry products, as well as expertise you can rely on to help your business succeed. Southeast poultry benefits include increased yields, reduced cost, expertise and flexibility by customer-designing a solution to your specific application need.

Food Safety

The Southeast Poultry management team recognizes the importance of ensuring that food safety is top priority. Food safety must continually develop and we must adapt to change to achieve success. Food safety is the collective responsibility of everyone at Southeast Poultry and not solely a function of management. We are committed to develop and enhance food safety systems within the company. At the center of our quality assurance efforts is our Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) program. This rigorous program identifies food safety risks, establishes controls, and outlines monitoring procedures to prevent food safety problems.

Our Process

Efficient Line Poultry Processing

We run a traditional fully staffed line process. Our employees are fully trained, highly skilled in every step of the poultry deboning process. We prefer to promote from within the company, this helps our supervisors understand the job from the beginning to the end.

Mayekawa Mycom Toridas

We have a fully automated deboning machine to help keep our efficiency up and our product costs down. The “TORIDAS” is automated chicken whole leg deboning machine. Automated individual measurement of whole leg length and optimum cutting positions enables to provide high quality and high yield deboned meat regardless the size of the whole leg. Highly hygienic operation can be achieved due to the minimum human contact while processing.


Our facilities are fully staffed with a detailed cleaning staff. They work in rotating shifts to keep our plant thoroughly cleaned.