Southeast Poultry is a further processing facility providing it’s team members with a clean, friendly working environment. While working here, we want to make sure that our work environment is a welcoming, team-based experience. We are not a big facility, so as an employee, you’re not just a number. We are in search of hard workers with all levels of skill and previous experience. There are day and evening shifts available, with 4 and 5 day work week options. Our employee’s average a 40 hour work week with a possibility of overtime available. We offer on the job training to provide the skills for employees to grow into other positions. Southeast Poultry provides our team members with the ability to grow by promoting from within our workforce.

We offer excellent pay rates up to $18/hr, depending on previous work experience.


In addition to offering competitive compensation in relation to other area poultry processing plants, Southeast Poultry offers many great benefits for their employees.


Health Care — Starting in 2018, Southeast Poultry will be upgrading the health benefit package offered to their full time employees. We work hard to offer our employees health care plans that are affordable and reliable.


Referral Bonus — If your employment at Southeast Poultry is a referral from a family member or friend who is a current employee, new hires could be eligible for a generous quarterly bonus. Referral bonuses are paid every 3 months in increasing increments. By the end of the year, employees can receive up to an extra $1,000!


Attendance Bonus — Opportunities to earn an extra $100/month with good attendance.


Paid Days Off — We offer many paid holidays, personal vacation days, and after a year at Southeast Poultry, you’ll be eligible to take a paid day for your birthday. Celebrate yourself!


Extra Benefits — Occasionally we will provide lunches and we facilitate a drawing to promote good performance.


Cone Line Team

Deice Saddle Hanger

Puts saddles onto product and then hangs product onto conveyer line shackles.


Ensures proper flow of product to the dark meat production lines.

Cone Loader

Puts cone on poultry front half.

Skin Puller

Removes skin off of poultry product.

Tender Puller

Removes tender pieces from poultry product.

Tender Scorer

Removes tendons from the tenders.

Breast Scorer

Removes bone or cartilage from the breast meat.

Breast Inspector

Looks for bones and inspects for cut quality.

CVP Operator

Operates vacuum sealing machine to package product for shipping.

Tank Rotator

Maintains proper CO2 tank pressure.

Tender Belt Inspector

Inspects quality of cuts for tendons.

Tender Bagger

Fills bags of tenders and place in boxes for shipping.

Tender Presenter

Preps tendons for further cuts along the line.

Wing Rounder

Trims and preps the left & right wings for the Wing Saw Operator.

Wing Saw Operator

Trims off end of wings and separates pieces at the knuckle.

Shoulder Cutter

Removes wing from the front half.

Dark Meat Team


Ensures proper flow of product to the dark meat production lines.

Deice Saddle Hanger

Puts saddles onto product so that it can be hung on the conveyer line.

Leg Hanger

Loads dark meat product onto conveyer line.

First Cutter

Precision production cuts to prep for Second Cutter.

Second Cutter

Removes bones and verifies there are no more.

Meat Grader

Inspects product for bones or any other defects that have been outlined by the supervisor.

Box Room/Maker

Makes and fills cases with product for shipment.

Sanitation Team


Clean and reassemble machines, complying with USDA standards and reporting any issues to personnel with authority

Quality Assurance Team

Quality Assurance

Inspects product for defects and quality, making sure that all product fully complies with USDA and Food Safety and Quality. Completes documentation and reports discrepancies to Quality Assurance Supervisors.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Southeast Poultry Inc. recognizes the essential rights of all employees and applicants to be treated as individuals. Our policy is to provide employees and applicants an equal opportunity for employment, training, and promotion without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status or any other characteristic that is protected by federal or state law. Southeast Poultry Inc. maintains affirmative action programs, and strives to allow full use of the abilities of people in our company and community.